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GENOMED in collaboration with international certified laboratories and the Central Laboratory Research Diagnostics, (spin-off company of the University of Athens, Scientific Director Nikolaos Drakoulis, MD, PhD), developed Predictive Genomic Services in Greece and Internationally. This collaboration offers the highest standards in methodology as well as professional counselling in connection to multifactorial disease development.

Voutsadaki Elpida - Dietitian

Currently: Freelance on Dietetic Office

  • Instructor for the course of Dietetics in Institute of Vocational Training
  • Services in Genomed
  • Adult educator in nutrition at the Center for Adult Education
  • Participation in a research program at Harokopio University / University at The PROGRESS study
  • Laboratory Assistant, Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Crete
  • Preparation of training during the academic studies in hospitals of Athens
  • Monitoring of external doctor practice for overweighted children at General State Hospital of Nikaia

Education: University of Crete, Harokopio University

Christodoulaki Eva - Dermatologist

Cosmetic Applications

  • Clinical dermatology - venereology
  • Cosmetic Applications
  • Lasers (waxing, spider veins, skin regeneration, laser lift, discolored of hands and face blotches)
  • Peelings
  • Botox, Vistabel, anti-wrinkle implants
  • Dermatologic Surgery, dermabrasion, mesotherapy (anti-aging, tightening, cellulite, injectional fat dissolution), hyaluronic acid, etc.

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