Flower Treatment

Anthotherapy belongs to the "energy" or "alternative" approaches. This is because the active ingredients and mode of action of anthotherapeftikon formulations (the flower essences) can not be detected at the molecular level or explored by existing scientific instruments, unless they used again energy methods, such as the photographic method Kirlian. Their action, however, is evident from the results. The flower essences have a clear beneficial effect on psycho-intellectual state of man and can be a real treat to psychological and psychosomatic problems. Still, it is particularly suitable for protection from the harmful effects of stress, in their various forms is manifested. But as in holistic medicine in general, the treatment goal is not only free of the disease, but extends to more and greater improvement in living standards. Thus, flower essences can, if used properly, can help immensely in upgrading the personality and become catalysts in a process of self-development and self-realization, depending on the desires and goals of life.

The flower remedies arising from the placement of healthy, mature flowers of specific plants in water and exposure to sun for several hours and only a few of them produced by the method of boiling. The water is then mixed with brandy (which is used as a natural preservative) is the stock solution to produce the form in which the flower essences are usually consumed.
A few drops taken 3-4 times daily is the usual dose for most flower essences, but the duration of the recommended use can vary greatly, from the lump to take weeks or months (in some cases even years) depending on the problem.
Does not produce side effects in the body and are safe to take in all cases and at any age, without excluding sensitive groups such as pregnant women, infants, the very elderly or seriously ill.
Their use does not present problems if done concurrently with other drugs, whatever they are, as the flower essences are not complicit chemicals do not prevent or affect the action of drugs, not unlike the benefits that can give them is very great.
Actually, the flower essences can, with proper use, to alleviate side effects and many do better tolerated drug therapies in the body.